Neck Guards Recommended

As of August 1, 2024, neck laceration protection will be mandatory for all USA Hockey players under the age of 18.  In the meantime, WYH continues to strongly recommend the use of neck guards and other cut-resistant undergarments during all on-ice activities.

Player safety is a top priority, and with the recent tragic passing of professional hockey player Adam Johnson that involved a neck laceration from a skate blade, USA Hockey has received numerous questions about these protective measures. USA Hockey is regularly engaged in research and works with equipment companies to help ensure the safest possible environment for ice hockey.

The USA Hockey Safety and Protective Equipment Committee, under the guidance of Dr. Michael J. Stuart, USA Hockey's chief medical and safety officer, has addressed some of the most common questions/concerns.  Please read the article linked here for more information:

Link:  USA Hockey Neck Guard Update

For information on USA Hockey's recent ruling on mandatory neck laceration protection, please see the following:  USA Hockey Player Safety