Our Mission is to provide our youth with the best possible opportunity to HAVE FUN while playing the sport of Ice Hockey. We will do this by: Providing a positive atmosphere for our youth to learn and grow through the activities associated with skating a

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2022-23 Learn to Skate - Session 2 (8 Weeks starting in January)

This Registration is for the second 8-WEEK Learn to Skate Season. 
The Watertown Youth Hockey Learn to Skate program is for boys and girls who would like to learn the fundamentals of ice skating. Pete Joyal and the staff at the Warrior Hockey School will be providing our professional instruction this year.  It is designed to develop strong basic skating skills (balance, stride, edges and stopping) as an introductory program for children interested in ice hockey.  The 40 min per week lessons are ideal for children 4 years of age and up. Parents of children under 4 that are interested in the program are encouraged to contact Watertown Youth Hockey to discuss the eligibility of their child. 
No previous skating experience is necessary. 
During class, children will be divided according to ability. These groups will develop various skills as they work their way through the curriculum. As skills are mastered the children will move up to a more advanced group. The Learn to Skate program is an introductory program that will give children the skills necessary to move forward through the Watertown Youth Hockey system, eventually transitioning to Learn to Play and ultimately into the Travel hockey program. 
Skaters will participate in a 40-minute lesson each Sunday starting at 11:40 a.m., 12:20 p.m., or 1:00 p.m. Once a start time is selected, skaters may not change their designated lesson time without permission from Watertown Youth Hockey. 

WHEN: The second session of the Learn to Skate Program meets on 8 Sundays beginning in January and ending in early March. 

Session Dates: Jan 29 thru Mar 19

(Dates subject to change due to weather closures or other reasons.)

WHERE: John A. Ryan Arena, 1 Paramount Place, Watertown

USA HOCKEY REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for insurance purposes.  There is a small fee for USA Hockey registration based on age. 
HOW TO DRESS:  It is easier to control your child's body temperature if you dress him/her in layers. Have your child wear loose comfortable clothing so that body movement will not be restricted. Snow pants are recommended to keep the skater from getting wet when he/she falls. Waterproof gloves or mittens are best so that their hands stay warm and dry.

HELMETS: All skaters must wear a helmet at all times while on the ice. For the safety of your child, an ICE HOCKEY HELMET (with a cage) is highly recommended.  

SKATES: You must supply your own skates.  Skates must be sharp and must fit for the current season. “Double-runner” skates (2 blades each) are prohibited.
COMMUNICATION: Please ensure that the email address you use to register your child is one that you check regularly. Primary communication from the league will be provided via email.

Base Cost: $125.00

Opened: 09/15/2022

NOTE: This program is currently only accepting waitlisted registrations. Register for the current waitlist by clicking the Join Waitlist button below.

2022-23 Learn to Play Hockey

The Learn to Play Hockey program is designed for boys and girls with prior skating experience that are ready to learn hockey skills. It is recommended for children that are 4 to 12 years of age. 
Learn to Play is the backbone of Watertown Youth Hockey. The vast majority of players in our travel program started their hockey playing “career” in this program. It introduces new hockey players to the various skills (skating, stick handling, puck movement and control), necessary to play hockey. Players will have hockey sessions on Saturdays and skating sessions on Sundays for 16 weeks. On Sundays, Pete Joyal and the professional skating instructors of the Warrior Hockey School will work with players to improve their skating. In the other session, players will learn hockey skills from WYH’s USA Hockey certified coaches and play in cross-ice hockey games with skaters in the Newton Learn to Play program. 
Players entering the Learn to Play program should be able to demonstrate basic-level skating skills: forward stride and ability to stop. 
Skaters will participate in a 40-minute skating lesson each Sunday at either 12:20 or 1:00 pm. We cannot guarantee your selected start time but will try our best to accomodate your preference.  For Saturdays, players will be assigned to a 50-minute session for hockey skills/games starting at either 9:20 or 10:20, depending on age and experience. 
Full hockey equipment is required (see below).
WHEN: Saturday November 12th through Saturday March 18th
(No sessions on 11/26-27, 12/24-25, or 12/31-1/1)
(Dates subject to change due to weather closures or other reasons.)
WHERE: John A. Ryan Arena, 1 Paramount Place, Watertown
USA HOCKEY REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for insurance purposes.  There is a small fee for USA Hockey registration based on age. 
SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE:  We have a few need based scholarships available thru a Watertown Community Foundation Grant.  Please contact dm_simon@yahoo.com if you would like to know more about these scholarships.
HOW TO DRESS:  Full hockey equipment is required. WYH will provided a jersey and hockey socks.  Players should provide the following:
  • Hockey helmet with full face/shield (HECC approved) - For the safety of your child, an ICE HOCKEY HELMET (with a cage) must be worn at all times.   
  • Hockey pants
  • Shin guards
  • Elbow pads
  • Hockey gloves
  • Hockey skates
  • Shoulder pads
  • Hockey stick
  • Athletic Supporter
  • Throat protectors - OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED

Base Cost: $500.00

Opened: 09/15/2022

6 open positions.